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  • Fort Lauderdale Fire Department’s historically and architecturally significant “West Side Fire Station” No. 3, restored to 1927 ambiance.

  • 1927 Watch Desk with working Gamewell Fire Alarm system.

  • 1927 Fire Station Kitchen, Day Room and Officer’s Bedroom.

  • 1922 American La France pumper replicating Fort Lauderdale Engine 1.

  • 1942 Chevrolet/Pirsch pumper, Fort Lauderdale Engine 3.

  • Exhibit rooms sharing the history of the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department and major fires since 1912.


  • A “Well Dressed Fireman From the 1950’s” exhibit.

  • FDNY 9-11 Memorial exhibit.

  • Fort Lauderdale Fire Department Apparatus Through the Years exhibit.

  • Fort Lauderdale Fire Department’s Centennial Celebration exhibit.

  • Rotunda tribute to Fort Lauderdale firefighters lost in the line of duty.

  • Outdoor Memorial to all late Fort Lauderdale firefighters.

  • Hands-on exhibits of fire equipment for children to touch and hold.

  • Children’s-sized firefighter’s helmets, coats and brass sliding pole.

  • Fire safety video presentations in the Fire Safety Theater area.

  • Facility rentals for special events.

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Preserving Our Heritage and Teaching Our Youth

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